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DCD Insurance provides discount policies and package deals for affordable coverage in New York, Albany, Manhatten, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Rockland County and across the entire Empire State.

We are proud to offer high quality insurance policies, asset protection and financial security. Our experience and knowledge of the insurance markets, the value of our policies and integrity of our service has earned a reputation for our agency as a major independent agency and risk management firm.

When you provide your information, we will design a homeowners, umbrella or automobile insurance programs that best suit your family's needs. In this way, we achieve the most comprehensive coverage for you at the most competitive price.

Should you have a loss, our job is to assure that you receive prompt and fair payment for the loss or injury. Our Claims Department will help prepare required supporting documentation for filing the claim. Once your claim is filed, we follow through for a proper settlement on your behalf. Our managers are available 24 hours a day should you have a claim emergency.